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Terry Frederick

Terry Frederick wrote these poems over several years; he hopes you enjoy them.


Each day we watched as you slipped away,
One step closer to our Lord,
Our eyes filled with tears as we watched you go,
Unable to stop you and unable to go,
Your never ending smile soothing our pain,
The love you gave, now came back to you,
With grandkids laying beside you,
And children at your feet,
You spoke to us from afar,
Letting us know, your angels were with you,
Now you're gone, and we are left,
Left a lone, with memories,
Memories of a beautiful person, who just gave love.


Shall I compare thee to a summers day?
Unpredictable like the coming hour!
At times you're so bright and gay,
And sweeter than the sweetest flower.
Or are you like the winters night?
Dark, dreary and full of spite.
Your temper, out does winters own might,
The darkness of your eyes is such a sad sight.
Are you warm this day?
As the devils Red Hot kiln.
Or are you cool as the breeze of May?
For now you lay so quiet and still.
So let your light shine in my eyes,
And my love for you shall engulf the skies.


Listen can you hear it,
Oh but it's only love.
The sweet, bitter sweetness called love.
Like the tall Oak, strong against the wind.
Except by little flame May burn.
Man can with stand the winds of time say you.
But watch the flames of love say I.
What is this thing we call love,
Is in heaven here on earth?
Is it pure as the new fallen snow?
To some it may be hell.
And yet, to others, in may only be passion.
What is it to you my friend, can you tell?


Down the winding road it came,
Innocence of a child reborn.
And like the child it must be taught,
For left alone; The way is lost.
The mind may store many things,
And most of these we can't control.
Nor may we control our destiny,
On the winding road.
And you oh mighty teacher, with the power of a god.
Don't give in haste, that which lasts.
For the lighted way is but a short, and flickering moment.


The moon many shine atop the lake,
But it cannot compare, to the shine in your eyes.
When you are away, oh how my heart aches,
And my heart begins to believe your lies.
Your love is so tenacious, and with such great might,
And your eyes cast their spell with the slightest glance.
You control me even as I hold my eyes tight.
If some day I should win your love, it would only be by chance.
For even now as the wind, to a tree, may attack,
Your love slips away with the ease of sin.
And then as if only a joke your back.
Then once again the nightmare of life begins.
My love is nothing but your fool.
And now I know it's your greatest tool.


As I open my eyes a glittering spectacle was set before me.
Its hand pushed back the curtain dark.
The eyes, a Midnight Blue, framed these hands as far as one could see.
Then at once it changed, a vivid glow was started.
It spread along the bottom, and then, rose so slow.
As the fire spread its path, up high the hands did go.
The curtain dark is all but gone, as now my breath I catch.
My eyes demand a quenching, so open wide they go.
The sight I see, it cannot be.
A dream! Yes, that must be the answer.
The fire has filled all space with ever changing colors.
The cool clean breeze that just arrived now lifts my body high.
I float across the land, warmed by this strange fire.
As the colors fade from view, I know I've found the answer.
My feet touched down and I do smile.
For now I hear the Robins' song.
Thank you Lord, for one more morning.


Now that we have slept,
And our lives are set before us.
Let us not look back,
For only the embers remain.
Our challenge is are goals,
And only they can decide our life.
The fire of life is what we seek,
And its path is straight but hard.
So come my love and we shall seek the road of life.


If only you could be you.
The darkness would rise from my eyes.
Then my love for you would be renewed.
And the world would hear my sighs.
Is it to late? No, the sun has not yet set.
Oh look, please find her, Dawn is almost here.
My eyes found no beauty before we met,
And now my thoughts keep you so near.
Why must you put yourself above the clouds?
And out of touch with us on earth.
This din, from your own praise, is too loud!
Don't forget, we were all the same at birth.
If your eyes could see through mine,
Then your love would be so fine.


I see their faces in the room.
I see them laugh and jump for joy.
But not a word comes forth.
They looked right through me,
They walk right by, and I say hi.
But not one head shall turn!
I speak their names and no one looks!
I touch one man, but he moves not.
I touch again but I can't feel!
I walked outside to see the world.
But it goes spinning by.
I ask for help but no one sees.
I cried for help and no one hears!
My God oh my God!

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