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Here the artist is shown at his computer with his Anacortes painting on the monitor.

The artist Terry Frederick has been painting for many years using Oils, Pencils, Pastels and Acrylic colors; but, switched to computer art about 20 years ago as a new challenge. When you look at his paintings you will see three paintings that are photo copies of Acrylic works he did before changing over to computer art; there are also several Pastel paintings done on paper in later galleries. In recent years He is now going back to Pencil and Pastels on paper and combining his hand drawn work with his computer art. His favorite subject has always been nature and the wonderful beauty there is in Nature. I also enjoy combining multiple pencil drawing into one drawing with the aid of a computer. It makes for an interesting drawing. See as example my 39 Scout in the Misc. Gallery or the Mukilteo Lighthouse in the Landscape Gallery. He lives in Everett, WA. where he spends many hours traveling and visiting art shows & galleries and spending time with his family & friends.


As I opened my eyes a glittering spectacle was set before me.
Its hands pushed back the curtain dark.
The eyes, a midnight blue, framed these hands as far as one could see.
Then at once it changed, a vivid glow was started.
It spread along the bottom, and then, rose so slow.
As the fire spread its path, up high the hands did go.
The curtain dark is all but gone, as now my breath I catch.
The sight I see, it cannot be.
A dream! yes, that must be the answer.
The fire has filled all space with ever changing colors.
The cool clean breeze that just arrived, now lifts my body high.
I float across the land, warmed by this strange fire.
As the color fades from view, I know I've found the answer.
My feet touch down and I do smile.
For now I hear the Robins' song.
Thank you Lord, for one more morning.

The above poem was written by Mr Frederick after viewing a sunrise along I-5 just south of Seattle. Click on Poems to view other Poems by Mr Frederick